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We can deliver a multi-million dollar impact in just 8 weeks, and you’ll only pay us after we deliver. 100% risk free
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Discovered from over payments & revenue leakages



Make your procurement process
Revenue leak-proof

Trusted by Fortune 500 enterprises as their innovation partner to uncover over half a billion dollars in revenue leakage & overpayments, despite having the top in class ERP systems and processes in place.

Discover Hidden Dollar

Revenue Leakage Calculator

Calculate the real dollar value you could be saving, no strings attached!

Estimate the amount of revenue leakage value

Determine the impact of leakage on your top line

Calculate the potential margin improvement rate

See the potential (ROI) of implementing solutions to prevent leakage

Advanced Leakage Calculator not only detects inefficiencies based on industry factors and process maturity but also generates a report with actionable insights to uncover the hidden value you could have been missing, and help you take the necessary precautions at first sight.

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