E-Book: Covid-19 Insights


Top 5 Challenges in Source-to-Pay Function


In response to COVID-19, first and foremost, to assess employees' and stakeholders' health and safety. Simultaneously, organizations must ensure the stability of critical business operations and underlying systems.

In this unfolding crisis, functional resilience is being tested like never before. Discover Dollar has conversations with 40+ Chief Financial Officers and Chief Procurement Officers during the peak of pandemic in the US and Europe. This document will present the top 5 challenges that CFOs and CPOs face running source-to-pay function seamlessly.


The CFOs and CPOs focus on remote organization, business continuity risks, business value & ethics, digital-first and speed & collaboration to overcome the new normal of conducting and running the enterprise. The document will also provide perspectives on how leaders embrace the top 5 challenges.

Building the Intelligent source-to-Pay Function (7)