E-Book: Covid-19 Insights


Building the Intelligent source-to-Pay Function


In response to COVID-19, first and foremost, to assess employees' and stakeholders' health and safety. Simultaneously, organizations must ensure the stability of critical business operations and underlying systems.

Discover Dollar will be presenting a series of insights on the Source-to-Pay function. Our insights focus on Pandemic and its ramification on the function. These insights are built based on our series of discussions with CXO leaders in Fortune 2000 companies across retail, pharma, energy, manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, automotive, and other industries.

The COVID-19 crisis has laid a stage to transform the enterprise adoption of agile and new technologies to continue in the new ways of working across the value chain. To transform, most companies will need to take radical transformation initiatives to reimagine the business operations, workforce and workplace fundamentally. Most companies are aggressively implementing the latest technologies to bring in intelligence to function & processes.

The intelligent function is a capability crafted to bring maximum transparency with minimal manual effort in the most dynamic circumstances. The functional process should be agile, flexible, and able to achieve efficiency across the value chain, including stakeholders such as internal teams, partners, suppliers, and customers. Such a state can be achieved by implementing digital technologies such as robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the internet of everything, to mention a few.

The following eBook will present insights on how few organizations we spoke to are building intelligent Source-to-Pay functions to overcome legacy manual processes & other challenges.
Building the Intelligent source-to-Pay Function (8)