About Us

Discover Dollar: A revolutionary technology for Stopping Leakages and Overpayment

Retail Industry is one of the most affected by leakages and over-payment. This has been absolute nightmare for merchandise managers and management where significant portion of Gross Margins were lost due to over-payment and under receipts. Now, we at Discover Dollar have developed cutting edge technological solution to effectively overcome your problems of over-payment and provide real-time analytics. Reduction in over-payment will be real-time as our product and detect possible over-payment as soon as they occur and notify relevant persons in your organization to take action. This would mean you not only recover your lost money immediately but also significant time value of money because over-payments are very hard to recover at later stages and involve time value. It also helps you keep your vendor relations intact as, both merchandise managers and vendors hate Post-Audit Recovery. You would save significant amount of dollars which you otherwise spend on expensive solutions from Recovery-Audit Service providers.

Retail Analytics: Get deeper insights to achieve sustainable profits

The dynamics of Retail is changing at a very fast pace. The change is demanding new way of looking at old problem. We are here to help you gain new insights to your merchandise operation. With our solutions you will be able to see Vendor Profitablilty, Margin distribution across Categories, Vendor Compliance, Spike Report, Target GP to Actual GP, Margin Shrinkage Report, Bill Back Allowance Report etc. With this analytics successful retailers will drive value and enhance profit in sustainable fashion.